What a Dramatic Improvement!

Over the next few weeks I'll be demonstrating swing fixes with new students. We've asked a select number of new students who I've never taught before to become part of our community experiment. My experiment is demonstrating the effective use of aboutGolf simulators, video technology and simple teaching methods to improve a golf swing in under one-hour.

My first case study is a neighbor and financial planner. He asked me to look at his golf swing one afternoon and told me the importance of playing in upcoming business events. He is a casual golfer and likes to play in company outings, with friends and family. His last experience on the course ended very badly with huge divots, slices and poor distance. I just knew from Doug's brief chat, that he needed help.

The first lesson was scheduled on August 22 at 6pm. Doug works like crazy all day, so planning a lesson after work at our indoor facility in Ardmore works great. Our lesson started with some basic questions about his game, setting up an online account, so that Doug can view his swing progress from home and a basic warm-up stretch. I asked Doug to hit around 20 golf balls with a pitching wedge, 7-iron and driver.

While we worked through each club, I was able to quickly use the technology and video analysis to capture each swing, and presented the data and video analysis showing THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY!

The image below is Doug's 7-iron swing at the start of the lesson. The first few shots with his PW and 7-iron were not consistent, with a variety of club face angles, short distances, slices, fat shots and poor balance.

So we spent the next 40-minutes working on a pre-shot routine to improve posture and setup. I helped Doug with his grip, lifted his chin and opened up his shoulders. This is what happened:

Doug's posture improved with a new setup routine, his spine angle and rib-cage tilt improved, balance improved, chin position looks better and hands and grip improved. The results were outstanding. His 7-iron increased by 92 yards from 100yds to 192yds. Doug is a pretty strong guy and hits the gym 4 times a week, and it was amazing to see his power being used correctly.

His clubhead speed increased from 56mph to 88mph, club-face angle was 2.3 degrees open which is not bad, and his shot shape was a perfect draw. Doug also has a pretty consistent in-to-out swing path of about 5 degrees.

We managed to complete all of this in just under an hour, and have another lesson planned for a few weeks time. I gave Doug simple home-based drills to age the feel of his new posture, grip and chin position, as well as some exercises for the gym that will help him develop better posture and balance in the swing.

Lesson 1 was a huge success, and with a few simple tweaks and some amazing technology, Doug now feels more confident and happy with his golf swing. You don't need a 20-pack of golf lessons to improve your swing - so why not start with just ONE LESSON.

We'll keep track of Doug and show you his progress as we build a better swing.

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