My Quest for 300+ yards

Yes, even golf teaching professionals aim for 300+ yards!

At our indoor facility in Ardmore (Next to Iron Hill Brewery), I tested my new Taylormade M1 Driver and 3-Wood on our simulators - the same simulator used by Golf Channel. A friend asked me if I knew how far I hit my longest drives, "About 300 when I catch it." I said, and then went on to setup the range with the NEW Remax Long Drive.

After a good warm up of wedges and mid-irons, It was a lot of fun trying to smash the driver on the range, and since we now have high speed color cameras, force plate technology and swing analysis tools - you can see exactly what's happening during the swing to maximize distance.

When you start clearing 300 yards, You'll feel every part of your body working, so it pays to hit the gym (I'm a new member at LifeTime Fitness in KOP - and the gym is amazing).

I'm now following my new EYG (Empower Your Game) performance plan, and seeing some amazing changes. I've started eating more fresh fruits, salads and vegetables, combined with the right amount of protein and less animal fats. I've also started practicing more, and using video analysis to examine more good and bad movements. And, I'm visiting the gym 4 x a week. I think all of the factors above contribute to a more powerful golf swing.

So here's some tips in my Quest for 300+ yards:

1. Start eating healthy and go to the gym at least 3 x a week for a one-hour workout

2. Practice weekly and analyze the swing each session to review good and bad habits

3. Develop a weekly practice and play routine, and as it gets colder - come inside

Swing tips:

1. Get a stronger lower body and use the ground to create more force and power

2. Widen the stance for a solid setup and wide takeaway - good golf shoes helps

3. Allow the back-swing to finish and 'park' on the chin - don't rush the back-swing

4. Trigger the lower body to engage the downswing - arms drop as hips drive forward

5. Make a complete release and balanced finish - good picture finish for the camera

6. Enjoy hitting 300 yards and using a wedge for your second shot to the green

Click on the image below to see my 315 yard drive. I actually got one to 330 yards, and by no means a long driver at all, but 330 yards makes life easy on the course.

Need help or want to schedule a once-monthly checkup, call 484-250-1798 or email and I'll get you hitting them Loooong in no time!

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