My Afternoon with John Dunigan

I had the privilege of spending Friday afternoon with John Dunigan, 2015 PGA Philadelphia Section Teacher of the year and former coach to PGA Tour Player Sean O'Hair. John teaches out of White Manor Country Club in Malvern, and its' always great to share ideas, and learn from fellow teaching professionals. My motto is 'Never Stop Learning', and I like to constantly look at new methods and learn from the best in the country, so that my students can benefit and perform at their peak.

I am a firm believer in John's teaching philosophy, which is as follows:

"There are 3 things you have to do to become a skilled golfer: Learn, Practice, and Perform. Of course, you have to know the what, why, and how of practice or you won’t get anywhere. You need to balance your goals between having fun, learning, and (not just) performance. There are 3 Essential Golf Skills: Ball Control, Self Control and Game Control." John Dunigan

I hope to spend a few more Friday afternoon's working with John, and would like to thank him for his time and making me feel so welcome. I like the fact that we both love technology to measure student progress, and make use of fun drills, humor, honesty, confidence and professionalism. I look forward to helping my students at Play-a-Round Golf in Ardmore this fall and winter, so that together we can achieve goals, success, consistency and enjoyment of golf.

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