Phases of the Golf Swing - Lesson 1

Phases of the Golf Swing

Through bio-mechanical studies by the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), located in Birmingham, Alabama, a sequential model of the golf swing has been developed. Through the utilization of this model in conjunction with the kinematic sequence we can review the golf swing and determine the necessary physical requirements of the body for the execution of a bio-mechanically efficient golf swing in which the kinematic sequence remains intact. ASMI has broken down the golf swing into the following, “series of bio-mechanical movements”:







In order to better understand the connection between the golf swing, the kinetic chain, anatomy, and the interaction of these three entities we will look at each phase of the golf swing from a biomechanical perspective.

Over the next six weeks, I'll be explaining each part of the golf swing from set-up to follow-through to help my students and New students better understand the golf swing.

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