Winter Lessons - Empower Your Game

Winter in Philadelphia is the perfect time to make changes to your golf swing. These changes include club fitting, swing mechanics, fitness, course management and video analysis. Think of winter lessons as your yearly Dr. checkup for blood pressure, glucose levels, body fat, flexibility and overall health.

You're spending thousands of dollars each year on club membership, golf clubs, golf balls, gloves, lessons, greenfees, tournament entry fees and lunch after your round - so why not upgrade your game for a few hundred dollars each winter, and build the confidence and consistency you need to enjoy shooting lower scores.

Taking lessons does NOT mean changing your swing - let me say this again - does NOT mean changing your swing - it simply means looking at your swing, measuring specific points in the swing, and seeing where we can add more consistency, speed, balance and club performance. This is my teaching philosophy - don't change the natural swing unless it has to be changed.

Your lessons will include analysis of club path, face angle, attack angle, club speed, smash factor, video analysis, ground forces and a few other interesting measurements. This will give you a better understanding of your body, your swing, your limitations and your strengths. We use the strengths to build the weaker parts of your game, and build your confidence across all areas of the swing, such as putting, mid-irons, wedges, driver, hybrids and long irons.

Now that we have all the info about your swing, we can make small calibrations or adjustments to optimize your game on the course and range. You'll know how far you hit each club, how fast you should swing each club without losing consistency - your balance will improve, tempo will improve, course management will improve, mental thoughts will improve and flexibility will improve. This all takes time, and you'll need the off season to completely upgrade your game.

When Summer arrives, you'll be a high performance machine ready to go on the course and shoot your best round. If you're waiting for summer to arrive before taking a lesson, good luck with that - you'll be making swing changes throughout the summer that take four to five months to age and your game will never improve. I see this happen every year with students who ask for lessons mid July, or call me in a panic before their golf trip, because they're shanking and slicing.

Don't be a shanker this summer - let's work on your game now, so you can play with confidence and shoot mid 80's or mid 70's with ease. If you're a beginner, shooting over 100, now is the perfect time to learn the swing fundamentals.

See you on the lesson tee -call 484-250-1798 to book a lesson!

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