June in 18-Weeks - Lesson 1: Putting

Shake off the cobwebs, folks. In 18-weeks summer is here, temperatures are cold right now in Philly – but it’s time to get some lessons, join an indoor league and start playing some golf.

Indoor Lesson 1: Start with Putting

Start with putting. You don’t even have to leave your home..or office, to work on putting, which is one of the most important elements of the game. Set up an area in your house or office to practice. Invest in a putting mat from SKLZ (I got a great one for $49.99) or ask you golf professional if he has any putting aids you might think will help your stroke during the off season.

Work on your short game. If you have a place to hit golf balls indoors -- like the lesson I offer at Play-a-Round Golf in Ardmore or Malvern, then book a lesson or rent a simulator and spend the majority of your time on the short game. Most simulators have short game targets set up with a variety of distances - and don't worry about the mat - focus on the technique, tempo and length of swing.

Work on hitting different kinds of shots to those targets. Most importantly: Make your practice session in the winter fun. Breaking away from pressure at work is a great way to recharge your battery - taking a lesson, spending some time practicing, playing golf with friends is a good start.

Let's start your 18-week plan with a few lessons, some home-based drills and stretching, positive mental thoughts and a fun league with my fellow students.

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