Intelligent Grips?

Golf Pride has unveiled four new grip models for 2019, including a “Plus 4” Tour Velvet that’s built up with 4-wraps worth of rubber under the bottom hand, a Z-cord Align grip that adds to the Align lineup, new grips (MCC Plus 4 and Tour Velvet 360) that have Arccos sensors built into the butt end, and a new Tour SNSR grip shape that has less curve on the top portion of the grip.

The grips will launch on March 1, according to Golf Pride.

Grant Griffiths Golf is proud to partner with Arccos and offer all students discount pricing on grips with built in Arccos sensors. With the addition of 'Arccos Link', you won't need your phone anymore to track each shot on the course. The data will upload once you've completed your round, and our coaching platform will connect your data for intelligent feedback and improved golf lessons. We'll know where you're struggling on the course, so we can lower your scores.


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