Results Oriented vs. Process Oriented

Building self confidence and a better process will help with your enjoyment of the game vs. always focusing on a score. Most golfers I teach or talk to focus on their process at the driving range - a good setup, alignment sticks, balanced finish, great result. Yet when they play on the course, the stress of a good score, playing well with friends and work colleagues, hitting long drives, two-putting greens, making pars, breaking 100 gets in the way and causes poor play or stress during the round.

Start focusing on your Process rather than Results next time you play. I like to get golfers in their 'practice box' - an imaginary box away from the ball to practice a swing thought. I then get the golfer to setup to the ball in the 'play-box', a good setup, focus on your target, and balanced finish - nothing more. Going through this process will definitely help lower scores and create more enjoyment in your weekend round of golf.

Results Orientation • Scoring goal (break 100, 90, 80) • Distance goal (hit driver 220+ yards) • Statistical goal (fairways, greens, putts)

Process Orientation • Complete pre-shot routine before hitting • visualize the shot and focus on a target • Finish with a good balanced finish

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