Distance Gapping - A Must Do this Winter 2020

While any golfer might be tempted to choose clubs that promise to maximize only distance, in practice, it’s more wise to place importance on the different distances each club goes, and the yardage increments between each club in the set. This specific performance characteristic is called Distance Gapping. This is one of the most overlooked aspect of club performance throughout the set, yet can have a direct correlation to the efficacy of each player related to scoring their best..

Custom club fitting helps golfers discover the clubs that can complement and build on the work of the one before, safeguarding a player against having clubs in the set which produce redundant yardages. When a set of clubs works together, with correct distance gapping through custom fitting, it allows the golfer to employ 14 effective clubs which all serve a purpose and hit the ball a unique distance and trajectory.

Schedule your gapping lesson this winter using our Trackman 4 technology. Call 484.250.1798 to schedule a few lessons this winter.

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