Grade Your Swing

There is an easy way to get an A+ before spring break. Simply Improve 10 fundamentals of the Golf Swing this Winter and you'll be shooting lower scores and having loads of FUN! This is the top 10 list of problems we fix from more than 100 golf lessons a month - if you can improve this list - you're going to play better golf.

  1. Set-up Position - I'll show you a simple setup for all clubs, making it easy on the course

  2. Take Away - A simple @home tennis ball drill that will create a low and slow takeaway

  3. Proper Shoulder Rotation - You don't need 90 degrees - I'll show you just how much

  4. Golf Swing Plane - Use my simple DIY drill using PVC tube/noodle for amazing results

  5. Golf Swing Path - Let's get this measured using our Trackman and drills to improve

  6. Proper Wrist Hinge - Are your wrists hinged at 9' 0 clock for a perfect L swing

  7. Golf Club Face Position - Is your club face getting a sun tan on the backswing?

  8. Impact Position - We can measure face angle/face path at impact using Trackman

  9. Hands Forward Position at Impact - are you scooping or compressing the ball

  10. Timing and Tempo - Gives you incredible distance with a Freddie Couples swing

If you feel any of these 10 points are giving you a tough time, simply schedule a lesson and we'll get you fixed up in no time. Lessons can be fun!


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