How to Redeem Your Online Lesson with Grant Griffiths Golf Academy @Home

We're seeing lots of students improve at home - in the garden, lounge or basement - join in the fun and get yourself online!

After purchasing an Online Golf Lesson from Grant Griffiths Golf, you decide when you wish to redeem your lesson purchase!

To start your lesson and begin receiving instruction, you will need to send your first swing video to a Grant Griffiths Golf Academy Instructor.

If you need help, simply follow the steps below! For Android specific instructions, please scroll to the Android Device tutorial section.

iOS Device: Step 1: Open the V1 Golf app

If you haven’t already, download  the free V1 Golf app from iTunes. 

Step 2: Login

If you already  have a V1 Golf Account, log in. If not, select Sign Up on the login screen to create a new account.  Once your account has been created, log in with your new  credentials.  

Step 3: Connect to the V1 Golf Academy

Select Instructors on the bottom main menu. Then search for and select Grant Griffiths Golf Academy, then select Grant Griffiths if it requests. 

Step 4: Capturing or Importing a Swing Video

To capture a real time swing, select the Camera icon on the bottom menu. To start the recording, tap the red icon at the bottom center of the screen. Press the red icon again to end capture.

To import video from your Photos, tap Import in the lower left corner of the video capture screen. This will open the Photos app and allow you to select a video to import.

Pro Tip: The stopwatch in the top right corner can be used to delay the start of capture if you are alone. Pro Tip: Swipe left or right on the screen to activate the guide marker.  The current mode is shown above the record button. This will add an alignment overlay to the viewfinder to help you determine the proper distance between subject and camera. Move closer or further away, until the subject fits approximately inside of the overlay area. This tool is only intended for camera alignment and will not appear in your recorded videos.  

Pro Tip: Swing videos should be taken at waist level either face-on (directly in front of the golfer) or down-the-line (facing the target with the golfer directly in-between). 

Step 5: Submit a swing

Select Videos on the bottom main menu. 

Then select the three dot menu to the right of the video that you’d like to submit.

Select Send Video to my Pro.

Choose Send Video to my  Pro again on the confirmation page. 

The app will display a progress meter showing the estimated upload time. Upload time is determined by the size of the file being sent and the speed of the connection being used to send it.

Once the swing capture has been sent to your online instructor, they will receive an email notifying them of your request.

IMPORTANT Once a video is sent (or shared) with your pro, the video will move from your Swings tab to the Lessons tab. It will no longer appear in your Swings tab. You will see it in the Lessons tab with a status indication and the pro's name. It will show Sent when you send the swing, Accepted when the pro Accepts it, and Completed when the pro has send back their analysis as a lesson.