Congratulations to Dustin Johnson and Sophia Popov for some incredible wins and achievements over the weekend. Truly amazing that Dustin Johnson can shoot -30 in four rounds of golf - just think of that score playing off the tips on a PGA Tour level course! And Sophia who battled Lyme disease for three years, almost gave up as a professional golfer, ranked in the 300's in the world goes on to win the Women's British Open! This game is truly amazing.

That brings me to my next point and advice for the week - you DON'T have to hit a draw to play awesome golf! Looking at Dustin Johnson's Trackman numbers this weekend - he swings the club 4 degrees OUT-TO-IN, with a 0.3 degree closed face (that little wrist move he makes is helping him close the face) - he is able to release his left hip (which most golfers struggle to release when trying to hit a draw - Tiger mentioned he tried to hit a draw all of Saturday but his lower back was locked - on Sunday he allowed the fade and shoots his lowest score all week.)

3 Things you can learn from DJ:

➤ Forget 'orthodoxy' and focus on impact conditions. As DJ says, getting them right is ultimately the only thing that matters. Book regular launch monitor sessions and lessons to help you.

➤ Basics are for winners, not beginners. Even at the top of the game, the address fundamentals like grip, aim, balance and posture hold the key to success. Monitor yours.

➤ Play your own game. The individual nature of golf makes copying someone else's action a fruitless and frustrating task. Building your own action is the key to releasing your natural ability.


Open Your Stance

If you’re trying to hit a power fade, you are essentially trying to change the curve of your ball flight, right? You want the golf ball to travel straight, then curve gently to the right on its decent. (Left if you’re left-handed.) The easiest way to change the curve of your ball flight is to change your aim. The easiest way to change your aim is by changing your swing path. And believe it or not, you can do that by OPENING YOUR TARGET FOOT a few inches. And maybe dropping it back a little to feel like you're aligned left of target.

Tee it Down

Normally, you’d want to tee it up so half the golf ball is above the club head at setup. But if you’re trying to hit a power fade, you need to tee down slightly. In other words, sink the tee a little lower so the ball aligns with the center of the club face at setup.

My Simple Tip

Okay, here it is. The super easy tip you’ve been waiting for. This is a trick I picked up from a fellow instructor about twenty years ago when I was struggling with my hook. Grip the club as tight as you can with the last three fingers of your lead hand. To be clear, your last three fingers are the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. (lead hand is the left hand if your right handed golfer) That’s it. That’s the whole tip. When you grip harder using just these three fingers, you create a lot of tension in your forearm. That rigidity influences your golf swing. When your forearm is tense, it’s far more difficult to rotate the club head closed.

So that tight, three-finger grip forces an open club head . . . . . . and a long, strong power fade.....maybe even 300 yards of carry

See you all on the range and course and have a great week

Coach Grant

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