My Golf Coaching Method

My golf coaching method in 3 simple steps:

  1. Observe your ball flight and figure out what needs to change or remain as is

  2. Develop a technique, concept or feel that will achieve improved ball flight

  3. Refine your skills through drills and effective practice methods year-round

1. Observe Impact

There is only one universal instruction method we all agree on - Improve how the club moves through the impact interval - the area where the clubhead connects the golf ball. My first priority with any lesson, is what the golfer needs to do more of at impact to improve outcome. The outcome (ball flight) and impact (ball contact) are directly related.

The answer to what needs to change at impact falls into one of the following categories:

  • Face direction

  • Club speed

  • Swing path

  • Angle of attack

  • Ground contact

  • Dynamic loft

2. Develop Technique

Now that we've figured out which of the above points apply to your swing at the impact position, we need an intervention to achieve a positive change. We could apply a grip change, setup change, forearm rotation change, improved wrist angles. The balance of interventions, swing changes and simple skill improvement is critical to success. trying something on your own could have a low percentage of success, make impact worse or not even relate to your issues. This is where my third step applies.

3. Practice, Refine and Repeat the Change

We have now observed and identified your impact issues, implemented a technique adjustment to fix ball flight, and now is the time to take the medicine - not too much or too little. The process of practice, repetitions, block vs. random, and capturing the 'feel' so it can be performed on the course is the desired change. Methods of practice include:

Random practice - range

Block practice - range

Calibration practice

Game simulation practice

Skills improvement practice - range/home

Simulator practice - all winter

Lets get your lessons started this winter, and together we can implement a positive change at impact, develop proper technique and refine your practice.

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