The Effect of 4 Degrees on Your Driver - MORE DISTANCE

I thought this was an excellent example to show my students the effect of 4 degrees in attach angle with your driver. I created three attack angle examples in the TrackMan software, starting with -4 degrees, 0 degrees and +4 degrees. With a simple adjustment in your setup, we can literally improve distance by 20 yards or more, without having to purchase a new driver.

In this first example, I've taken a student with a 90mph driver swing speed (average for most amateur golfers), added a negative 4 degree attach angle to the club, and the total distance is 221 yards off the tee. The 4 degree negative attack angle is a driver moving down like an iron swing towards the ball vs. a sweeping move that we want with the driver.

The second example is using the exact same club speed of 90mph, with an attack angle of 0 degrees, we now have a total distance of 231 yards.

The third example is an attach angle of positive 4 degrees. I am usually happy with a golfer who has about 2 or 3 degrees, but I wanted to show the effect of positive 4 degrees. Using the same club speed of 90mph, we now get 239 yards.

So without changing the club, at a cost of $500 plus, and by simply helping a student move from 4 degrees negative to 4 degrees positive or relatively close to that, we get a distance improvement of almost 20 yards off the tee. This could be the difference between a 5 iron approach shot vs. a 7 iron approach shot that lands softer and is easier to control.

So, before spending a fortune on a new club that promises 20 yards longer, take a golf lesson and lets adjust your driver attach angle by 4 degrees. You may just find yourself in a better place on the fairway. Now, imagine working on a little flexibility, speed training and double checking your shaft flex to get more whip, increase your club speed to 95mph and we could get you up to 260 yards off the tee in a relatively short amount of time.

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