Trackman Encourages External Focus

  • Trackman encourages an external focus of attention – directing your attention towards club and ball impact and away from the 70 swing movements themselves. Lots of scientific research supports this way of learning.

  • Trackman encourages self-organization of movements – We are all built differently and swing the club differently for a number of reasons. This is why there are so many distinctive styles of golf swings on tour. Rather than getting fit/taught into a swing, this encouraged freedom of expression creates the impact you desire in whatever way you find fit.

  • Quality feedback – to heighten learning, it is important to have good feedback. While video helps, it tends to promote an overly internal focus. Trackman is keeping the focus external and relevant to performance.

  • Self-discovery – I used it (and use it) to explore variants of movement. I can try out-to-in swings and in-to-out swings with variable open and closed club faces like never before. I can use this data to prepare for tournaments and weekend golf.

  • Uncontrolled manifold hypothesis – with a focus on the task of achieving a desired impact, your brain uses all of the degrees of freedom (knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, elbows etc) in perfect harmony, working together beautifully to create it – given the right feedback.

  • Perceptual adaptation – Trackman helps to bridge the gap between feel and real. This is usually a big road block for most golfers changing or adjusting their swing. This is where perception of what you are doing and your action is completely different.

  • Creating pressure – 'Trackman Combine' is a game where you hit varying shots and get a score for each shot. At the end, your overall score is graded against others around the world. This creates a level of competition in practice. You are competing against yourself (trying to create your own personal records) as well as others around the world. As you are approaching a good score, you get really nervous.

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