World Handicap System Top 5

5 Things To Know about the World Handicap System

1. The Handicap Index calculation is changing Your new number will be based off your 8 best scores of the past 20. This will be a minor change, but you may see a different index in January without playing.

2. Net Double Bogey will replace Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) This is the biggest change to the handicap system. Equitable Stroke Control will be replaced with Net Double Bogey. Par plus two plus any handicap strokes received on the hole.

3. Handicap "Safeguards" The new system will account for abnormal playing conditions. For example, wind or rain which can limit extreme upward movement of a handicap index and reduce a handicap index when an exceptional score is posted.

4. Playing Handicap Slope rating and now course rating and par will be used to determine your playing handicap. This will allow players to compete from different tees/courses much easier.

5. Players will have a more responsive Handicap Index Your handicap index will update the day after you post a score, rather than on the 1st and 15th of the month. This makes your playing handicap more responsive. With this change, it is imperative that you post your score immediately following your round on either the posting computers in the golf shop, the GHIN app or at GHIN.COM.

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