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Founded by Master Golf Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction, Grant Griffiths. 'Empower Your Game™' golf coaching utilizes world class technology and best teaching practices to help you improve your swing technique, mental game, club fitting and golf fitness.






New to the game or adjusting your swing, get the technical expertise for better consistency.


Learn how small shifts in focus and positive thinking can help you make mental improvement.


Stop throwing away shots with equipment that does not fit your game. Let's maximize performance.


Golf specific fitness is vital for your success. Improving your body will help you improve your swing.

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ADULT | JUNIOR | beginners

Our instruction programs offer private, group or clinic experiences. Whether you’re 'NEW' to golf, a 'WEEKEND' warrier, or looking to play on your varsity team, our system of learning and confidence guarantees results. As director of instruction at White Manor Country Club in Malvern, PA, Grant offers latest Trackman swing analysis, short game improvement, putting analysis and on-course playing lessons. Golf lessons are offered year-round with both indoor and outdoor facilities to members and non-members.
We'll help you swing the club better with improved balance, power and flexibility. Our technology includes Trackman 4, video swing analysis, Boditrak, Arccos club sensors for course management and the CoachNow app for 24/7 support . We'll help you play your best golf in 2020 for lower scores, greater confidence and more fun on the course.
A COMPLETE Approach To Golf Instruction

empower your game™indicator

At the heart of everything we do is the Empower Your Game™ Indicator – a system that allows Grant to analyze which part of your game needs the most help. If your'e new to the game or adjusting your swing, looking for new clubs, want more confidence on the course, need to build strength or learn to play for business, we can help.

fun, affordable and accessible

Whether you're a beginner golfer, weekend warrior, junior golfer or tour professional, Empower Your Game™ can be used to build your strengths, or put things right in areas where you’ve experienced problems. Grant offers world-class lessons at White Manor Country Club, or online lessons anywhere, anyplace. Grant is the next generation of golf professional that is making golf more fun, affordable and accessible to all players.

custom fitting

One of the pains golfers experience when getting fitted for golf clubs and shafts is achieving the perfect balance between club fitment and golf instruction. Often, the club fitter chooses a club or shaft that does not match the goals of the PGA teacher for improvement. You end up spending a lot of money on shafts that don't change as your skills and ability improves, which leaves you frustrated, and needing new clubs in 12 months again.


Your ideal club fitting looks at the data and numbers that Trackman provides, and uses our EYG AI and machine learning algorithm to recommend a shaft or club that performs for today and tomorrow. Why purchase a set of clubs designed for slower swing speeds or poor ball striking, when your PGA teacher is working to improve this over the next 10 lessons. Imagine being fitted for golf clubs that perform for your game today and in the future, and builds all these specifications into the perfect set of clubs for real improvement and greater confidence.


Technical | Mental | Fitment | Physical

Want a game-changing experience on and off the course? Empower Your Game™ is an innovative formula designed to educate and empower while quickly delivering results. The 'Empower Your Game™ system provides expert coaching, world-class club fitting, innovative technology and business leadership tools to help you perform.


Experience golf-specific TPI fitness drills and screening to improve mobility, balance, strength and swing speed. Get access to TPI drills, biomechanics, health and fitness on the TPI website. The best way to improve your game, prevent injury (lower back pain is the #1 complaint in golf), and continue to enjoy golf for many years, is to take a scientific approach to preparing your body for the physical requirements of the game.


We believe that physical limitations cause movement inefficiencies that lead to a loss of power, swing speed, and inconsistent ball striking. We can meet at your gym, or you can use one of our partner locations to help you get stronger or overcome injury.

how do we improve your performance


Grant will video your swing and make you aware of your unique strengths for peak performance.



Grant will help you set expectations for how fast and effective your transition and goals will be accomplished.



Grant will work to develop your strengths and build your confidence for all shots on and off the course.



Grant will help you achieve your goals by developing a year-round practice and play routine. Empower Your Game



Improve your handicap 46.7x faster than the average golfer. ​Arccos Caddie is golf's first Artificial Intelligence platform, combining Automatic Shot Tracking + Smart Distance Club Averages + Advanced Analytics + Caddie Advice for any hole on earth to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores. We'll help you connect the sensors to your clubs, and analyze your rounds of golf for smarter lessons and lower scores.



Grant Griffiths is a Master Golf Teaching Professional and USGTF Staff Instructor


Grant Griffiths is a Master Golf Teaching Professional and EGTF Staff Instructor


Grant Griffiths is a Class A member of the Philadelphia Section and PGA of America


Grant Griffiths is a member of skilled coaching alliance, founded by top 50 golf digest teachers.


Grant Griffiths is a Certified Hank Haney Professional Instructor. Top 8 in America.


Our mental game specialist Dr. Rick Sessinghaus, PhD as your mental coach knows best how to stay highly competitive and to improve performance under pressure and stress. He has coached PGA Tour superstar Colin Morikawa from eight years old, and will help you increase your mental performance by optimizing your cognitive, emotional and physical skills to achieve your goals and expectations! Working together with Grant Griffiths, Rick can setup one-on-one coachings for golfers of all ages and skill levels. You will be learning performance-based techniques, mind and skill sets for more success and more energy in every area of your life.  Learn to think like a champion!


Our goal is to prepare you for the parallels that exist on the golf course and in the corporate world. Golf has been deemed the sport of business, and provides unmatched networking time with clients, prospects and colleagues, including coveted access to senior management.

By empowering business men and women on the golf course, we essentially empower them in many facets of business. Through our golf events, you will be equipped with the general knowledge of the game, build your confidence and self-esteem and learn how to harness those skills and influence decision-makers on the golf course. Our events include golf outings, charity golf days, leadership events, corporate retreats and destination trips.


Play your best golf in 2020 by taking a lesson. Our golf academy is located at White Manor Country Club, offering both indoor simulator and outdoor lessons. Visit our Pro Shop page or choose below for lesson packs or lessons.

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